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Large Lot, Used Brushes Lot A Discounts Apply !
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Large Lot, Used Brushes Lot A
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This is a random assortment of my own brushes, collected over many years.  Synthetic, sable, liners, short and long flats, filberts, mops, an occasional stiff bristle brush, and other miscellaneous types and sizes.  I usually clean my brushes with Murphy's Oil Soap and leave the brush "dressed" with a bit, so you may wish to rinse in water before use (though I usually didn't bother).  Instead of Murphy's, I clean mop, and other fluffy brushes, with shampoo and rinse it out well.  Condition ranges from new (never used) to slightly worn, but overall, condition is very good.

Note:  Not all of the brushes are shown in the close-ups.

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